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Often, atopic dermatitis eventually turns into bronchial asthma. Patients are much more likely to develop various types of allergies. Unfortunately, atopic dermatitis, transferred at an early age, provokes the risk of Glucophage and complications of a different nature in the future.

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Dermatologists note: if in infancy, allergic dermatitis is long and difficult, then when the child becomes an adult, he has a tendency to atopic rash. There is no exact answer to the question of Glucophage atopic dermatitis can be completely cured. But the topic of what to do in order to achieve a stable remission of atopic (allergic) dermatitis is sufficiently disclosed today. Prevention of an allergic rash happens:

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Metformin - concerns infants. If a child has a hereditary predisposition to allergic eczema, then breastfeeding is the only way to delay the manifestations of dermatitis by about 4-5 years. A nursing mother should follow the principles of a hypoallergenic diet. If the diagnosis has already been made to an infant, then he is allowed to introduce complementary foods only after 6 months, upon the onset of remission. Secondary - recommended for adults.

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After removing the exacerbation of dermatitis, it is important to avoid contact with allergens.ergenic factors. If it is dust, then a hypoallergenic environment is created in the apartment (things that collect dust are removed - carpets, books, figurines). They use only hypoallergenic household detergents and cosmetics, the latter should have a moisturizing effect. Smoking is not allowed in a residential area: nicotine can quickly provoke an exacerbation of atopic dermatitis.

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Diet, lack of stress, healthy (without bad habits) and an active lifestyle are mandatory conditions that people who are prone to exacerbations of allergic eczema must comply with. Otherwise, it will not be possible to get rid of an atopic rash for a long time. Atopic dermatitis is a chronic genetically determined inflammatory and allergic skin disease with a relapsing course, characterized by primary itching, papular rashes and lichenification. Papular rashes are asexual elements of Metformin diameters (from 1 to 20 mm), texture and color that rise above the level of the skin.

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Atopy is a genetically fixed state of increased allergic readiness of the body, characterized by the presence in the blood of an excess amount of class E immunoglobulins (IgE). In developed countries, allergic diseases represent a serious socio-economic problem - according to various sources, they affect 35-40% of the population. In the structure of allergic pathology, atopic dermatitis occupies one of the leading positions: according to the results of a global international study, it accounts for every fifth case of allergic dermatosis.

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Since the 90s of the twentieth century, the incidence of atopic dermatitis has doubled, which is explained by the unfavorable environmental situation, chronic stress, the spread of artificial feeding, mass vaccination, poor nutrition with a large proportion of glucophage foods and the widespread use of bad habits. However, the exact causes of dermatitis are unknown. Women are more susceptible to atopic dermatitis (65%).


It has been established that atopic dermatitis develops in 81% of children if both parents are sick, in 59% if only one of the parents is sick, and the other has an allergic respiratory pathology, and in 56% if only one of the parents is sick.

Atopic dermatitis is a multifactorial disease, the causes of which lie in a complex combination of inherited characteristics and external influences. Creating a hypoallergenic environment is the most important preventive measure for atopic dermatitis.


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