A Complete Guide to Exploring Paris on a Budget


Are you dreaming of strolling along the streets of Paris, visiting iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral, and indulging in croissants and macarons? Many people believe that a trip to Paris is expensive, but with the right planning and budgeting, it can be an affordable and unforgettable experience. In this guide, we’ll share our top tips and tricks for exploring Paris on a budget.

Tips for Finding Budget Accommodation

Accommodation can often be one of the biggest expenses when traveling. In Paris, hotels can be quite expensive, especially in popular areas such as the Champs-Élysées. However, there are many budget-friendly options available if you know where to look.

Consider Alternative Accommodation Options

Hotels are not your only choice for accommodation in Paris. Hostels, guesthouses, and even Airbnb rentals can offer more affordable options. These types of accommodations also give you the opportunity to meet other travelers and get insider tips on budget-friendly activities and restaurants.

Another alternative is to house-sit or pet-sit for someone in Paris. Websites like TrustedHousesitters and MindMyHouse allow you to stay in someone’s home for free in exchange for taking care of their pets or plants. This can be a great way to save on accommodation costs and have a more authentic experience in Paris.

Compare Prices and Book in Advance

Research is key when it comes to finding budget accommodation in Paris. Use websites like Booking.com or Hostelworld to compare prices and read reviews from previous guests. It’s also a good idea to book in advance to secure lower prices, especially during peak tourist season.

Stay Outside of Central Paris

While staying in the heart of Paris may seem ideal, it can come with a hefty price tag. Consider staying in the outskirts of the city, where prices tend to be lower. Areas such as Montmartre, Belleville, and the 20th arrondissement offer more affordable options and are still well-connected to central Paris via public transportation.

Budget-Friendly Transportation Options

Exploring Paris on a Budget

Paris has an extensive public transportation system, making it easy to get around the city on a budget. Here are some tips for saving money on transportation during your trip.

Use the Metro or Bus

The metro is the most popular mode of transportation in Paris and can take you almost anywhere in the city. A single ticket costs €1.90, but it’s more cost-efficient to purchase a pack of 10 tickets for €16.90 (also known as a “carnet”). Keep in mind that each ticket is only valid for one journey, so you’ll need to use a new one for each transfer.

Another option is to use the bus, which is slightly cheaper than the metro. You can purchase a single ticket for €1.90 or use your carnet, but keep in mind that buses can be slower due to traffic.

Walk or Rent a Bike

Paris is a beautiful city to explore on foot, and many of its main attractions are within walking distance of each other. Walking is free and allows you to discover hidden gems and charming neighborhoods that you may not see if you’re taking public transportation.

If you prefer a quicker mode of transportation, consider renting a bike. The city has a bike-sharing program called Vélib’, with stations located all over Paris. You can purchase a day pass for €5 or a week-long pass for €15, which allows you to use a bike for up to 30 minutes at a time.

Avoid Taking Taxis

Taxis in Paris can be expensive, especially during rush hour or at night when there’s a surcharge. If you do need to take a taxi, try using apps like Uber or Bolt, which may offer lower prices and more transparency in terms of fare.

Affordable Dining Options

Exploring Paris on a Budget

One of the highlights of visiting Paris is indulging in delicious French cuisine. While dining at Michelin-starred restaurants can be an expensive affair, there are many affordable options for foodies on a budget.

Eat Like a Local

Avoid touristy areas and instead head to where the locals eat. Look out for small bistros, bakeries, and street vendors for more authentic and budget-friendly meals. You can also try visiting markets like Marché des Enfants Rouges, where you can find fresh produce and ready-to-eat dishes at reasonable prices.

Take Advantage of Lunch Specials

Many restaurants in Paris offer special lunch menus where you can get a 3-course meal for much cheaper than you would for dinner. These menus usually include a starter, main course, and dessert, giving you a chance to try different dishes without breaking the bank.

Picnic in a Park

Paris has countless picturesque parks and gardens, making it the perfect city for a picnic. Head to a local market or grocery store and pick up some fresh baguettes, cheese, and fruit, and enjoy a relaxing and budget-friendly meal while taking in the beautiful surroundings.

Free and Cheap Activities in Paris

Paris is known for being a city of culture, and there are many free and inexpensive activities that you can enjoy during your visit.

Visit Free Museums

Most museums in Paris have free admission on the first Sunday of every month, including popular ones like the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay. Keep in mind that these days can be very crowded, so arrive early to avoid long lines.

If you’re under 26 and a resident of the European Union, you can also get into most museums for free or at a discounted price. Make sure to bring your ID as proof of age and residency.

Explore the City’s Parks and Gardens

Paris is home to many beautiful parks and gardens, and most of them are free to enter. Jardin du Luxembourg, Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, and Parc de la Villette are all great options for a relaxing afternoon stroll or a picnic.

You can also visit one of Paris’ famous cemeteries, such as Père Lachaise, where you can find the graves of notable figures like Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde.

Take a Free Walking Tour

Many tour companies offer free walking tours of Paris, where you can learn about the city’s rich history and see its top landmarks. While these tours are technically “free,” it’s customary to tip your guide at the end. This option allows you to explore the city while learning from a knowledgeable local without breaking the bank.

Budget-Friendly Shopping Tips

Paris is known as a fashion capital, but you don’t need to spend a fortune on designer items to look stylish in the city. Here are some tips for shopping on a budget in Paris.

Visit Markets and Flea Markets

Markets are an excellent place to find unique souvenirs and gifts at reasonable prices. The aforementioned Marché des Enfants Rouges is a great option, as well as the Saint-Ouen flea market, which has over 2,000 stalls selling everything from antiques to vintage clothing.

Shop at Discount Stores

Paris has some great discount stores that offer affordable clothing, accessories, and homeware. Monoprix, H&M, Zara, and Primark are all popular options for budget-friendly shopping. You can also visit designer outlet malls like La Vallée Village, where you can find high-end brands at discounted prices.

Take Advantage of Sales and Tax-Free Shopping

Paris has two sales seasons, one in winter (January-February) and one in summer (June-July). During these times, you can find discounts of up to 70% off in many stores. If you’re a non-EU resident, don’t forget to take advantage of tax-free shopping. You can get a refund on the VAT (value-added tax) for purchases over €175 in participating stores.


Paris is a city that truly has something for every budget. By following these tips and tricks, you can experience all the magic and charm of the City of Lights without breaking the bank. From alternative accommodation options to budget-friendly transportation and dining choices, there are plenty of ways to save money during your trip to Paris. And with an endless list of free and cheap activities and shopping options, you can explore the city like a local without worrying about overspending. Bon voyage!


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